Saturday, June 11, 2005

Zhuang's dis-gus-ting

If there's anyone who'll be fantastic for Fear Factor's food challenge, it's gotta be my Zhuang. This dude will eat ANYTHING. He just came home from a pizza party and for toppings, (brace yourself and make sure you don't have food in your mouth)...he had belacan, ikan bilis and mushrooms! Gross! Then again, this is the same guy who adds condensed milk to his marinara sauce coz it's too sour. Go figure.

The only thing that he hasn't tried that I have is Balut - a Filipino delicacy. It's a fertilized egg with a partially developed duck fetus eaten hard boiled. Pretty tasty stuff...tasted like herbal soup. Scary though! You can actually see the duckling in fetal position complete with fur!



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