Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Squishy squishy at Bash on the Bay

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Wee! I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but I'm soooo glad Bash on the Bay is O-V-E-R. Man, all the planning and worrying was seriously giving me a permanent migraine. Who knew planning a graduation dinner was such a pain in the head?

But seriously, I think the night went great! Even though it was Friday the 13th, nothing unfortunate happened, at least nothing Lemony Snicket-y. I was kinda worried about the location, it being Sinbad's on Pier 2 and all....I mean, geographically it was a great place to have Bash on the Bay, coz it was accessible by public transport and they provided free valet parking. So I guess that kinda made up for the cheesy Sinbad and his pirate theme of the place. They even had a life size to great customers at the front door - complete with turban and fake looking sword!

I wish I took more photos - wish I had one of Sinbad - but I'm gonna ask around and see what I can scavenge from my friends, but here's what I have for now! Don't we all look snazzy!

Originally uploaded by audreytmv.
Okay, so here's what's happening - there were at least 5 cameras taking the same group shot AT THE SAME TIME - that's kinda why everyone's looking at different places. Sigh...problem with getting drunk people to focus.

As promised, more photos!

Everybody say "pout!" And as usual, Heather - what in the world are you doing?!! Hahaha...always one to never follow instructions. *Grins* Schiff will always be Schiff...hahaha...

Take your pick! Aren't they all just cuties?
Bash_Aud&Deepak Bash_Aud&MattBash_Aud&JJ



Blogger i'mnotawriter said...

I think you look really really good..
nice haircut, beautiful makeup.. and those pearls ( I love pearls too).. they make you look like a thousand dollar!

12:07 PM  

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