Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bash on the Bay Part 2: Who would have guessed?

No where but BECA. Faculty members like you've never seen them before. Hahaha...I heard someone comment, "Man, you guys have crazy professors!" Well...that's kinda why BECA's the best program at SF State right? Think about it, where else would you find professors who are willing to get down and dirty with you on the dance floor? And they can move! Melissa Camacho and Dina Ibrahim were two hot mamas on the dance floor -- are you can see, Vinay Shrivastava's marvelling at these ladies' dance moves.

Brent Malin and gang's rocking the house down, with Brent on vocals (the spiky gel-up look for his hair is definitely him), Vadnais and Barnaby on lead and bass guitars and Barsotti on keyboards. Ooo, let's not forget Miriam Smith on her hand bells Michelle Wolf threw in a bit of spice to the act, as she did a sultry rendition of a song whose title I can't seem to remember right now

Maybe it's just me getting old, or maybe it was the alcohol..hmm...or maybe the lack of blood circulation from the Jessica McClintock dress...hmmAnd of course, who can forget the biggest surprise of the night -- Chul bringing the house down with his Korean rap -- man, that dude can sing! Everyone was screaming their heads off when he was at the mic. Waaaay cool. Two thumbs up!



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