Thursday, June 23, 2005

What I do to combat a post -lunch coma

Yes yes, I know everyone has that moment where it's the middle of the day, they're at their desk in their office (the lucky ones have wireless and are roaming the world) and they're bored. And since most of us are children of the Net, we GOOGLE or read other people's blogs...just to see if our friends are as bored as we are.

And lo and behold, I was reading Koobz's blog (Koobz, if you're reading this, why is your blog so high tech wan? Got wipes and stuff...waaaaaah.) and this dude's always got some pretty interesting things to say but this time, I followed some links that he suggested and had my A-HA moment. I now have something to do for the rest of the afternoon while pretending to work at my desk. Cool...

So here's what Koobz had to offer:
  • Post Secret
    According to the site, it's an ongoing community art project where people mail-in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. True or false you decide. Some are chilling, some are painful, some are just plain funny.
  • Mooch
    It's a sleek looking web site that aims help us navigate the WWW through a directory of some of the best sites on the Web for news (it's got a frame dedicated to BBC headlines -- yippee!), design, lifestyles, technology and travel. Found some strange but rib-tickling links from there.

And of course, I have some of my fave sites that I regularly check out (besides the ramblings of my best blogger friends of course):
  • About-Face
    A San Francisco-based organization that monitors the images of women and children in the media -- and keeps a check on offenders and winners. If like me, you're NOT a fan of Desperate Housewives, this is a good site to check out.
  • AdBusters
    Damn commercialism.
    No, this is not a porn site la. Love this! It has a ton of movie info, gossip and trailers from everywhere! Saves me from having to check Apple trailers and Yahoo movies everyday for updates.
  • Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
    If you're a lil' anal like me and like your information structured and organized, check out IMDB instead but the info on there isn't as updated. The movie listing for directors, actors and producers is pretty complete and even includes guest appearances. I usually don't trust the trailer links and photos though.

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