Saturday, July 09, 2005

This is a real menu!

PG Menu 1
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So here are the menus I nicked from Penang Garden. For the complete review on the restaurant, see my new blog on food AZ Eats. Hehehe.. apparently you can order an entire canal made out of bread, and you can watch how the servers are going to make your chicken/beef and tofu stay on the plate. Suspiciously, this Malaysian restaurant can't spell Malaysia. Hmm.

PG Menu 2
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Condiments are expensive at Penang Garden, they charge $3.50 for salt & pepper -- ask someone who can read Chinese to explain. Apparently, the restaurant's pretty democratic with its food, they allow the Pork, Chicken and Fish to have their own Congresses. And I have no idea what a BK egg is!



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