Wednesday, February 01, 2006

4th San Francisco Korean American Film Festival, Feb. 7-12


Come join the 4th San Francisco Korean American Film Festival for six days of screenings (contemporary Korean and Korean American films) and lively discussions at the forums. Here's more information about the festival:

The 4th San Francisco Korean American Film Festival will showcase 38 films, including 17 Korean American works, contemporary South Korean features and special screening of a North Korean film. Four public forums will also discuss this year's theme, "Beyond Borders: Demystifying the Korean Image through the Media Arts." This is the only festival in the United States that celebrates Korean and Korean American media arts.

Feb. 7-12, 2006

Feb. 7 Opening Night Film DUELIST with Q&A with dir. Myung-Se Lee
Feb. 10 VOICE with Q&A with actress Yei-ryun Cha
Feb. 12 Closing Night Film TAEGUKGI with Q&A with dir. Je-Gyu Kang

Feb. 10 Public Forum: Globalization & Contemporary Korean Cinema
Feb. 11 Public Forum: Korean Film and Two Koreas

The Festival is held at four Bay Area locations:
Presidio Theatre, 2340 Chestnut St. (between Scott and Divisadero Street), San Francisco, CA 94123
4 Star Movie Theatres, 2200 Clement St. (at 23rd Avenue), San Francisco, CA 94121
August Coppola Theatre, Fine Arts building, Room 101, 1600 Holloway Ave. (at 19th Avenue), San Francisco, CA 94132
Cubberley Auditorium, School of Education, 485 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

The Festival is co-presented by Korea Studies in Media Arts (KIMA) and Stanford University.

Public info
Tickets are $8 and available online or by telephone at (415) 286-8447. For festival ticket packages and more information, please see



Blogger Bill said...

Congratulations!! Have you heard about a novel, "After 9/11: A Korean Girl's Sexual Jorney?" I think it is going to be next Korean American movie. I strongly believe that you will have something to say about it, especially about Kimchi, soju, Dog Meat Stew...including Dokdo's America life in chapter 32.

Most amazing is Chapter 43, "9/11s Are Forgiveness," which makes "9/11" a general noun for the worst disaster that could happen in one's life. I have never seen any writer put it this way. See you soon.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Maya said...

At my blogsite you posted: "Good Hershey question by the way -- it was a pity that Kang's answer was sort of lost in translation." Could you parse for me what the director actually responded? I would appreciate it!

And congratulations on a truly interesting program this year!! My first time to attend but you can be sure I will be back next year, and if ever there's anything you'd like me to mention on my blogsite, let me know, I'd be happy to assist!

8:43 AM  

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