Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cruel, cruel summer

Ahh..Ace of Base, gotta love those cheesy Swedes. You know what I just realized? Ace of Base looks a lot like Abba (which coincidentally are from the land of Ikea too...hmmm)

And yes, this has been a cruel summer for me -- didn't go on a holiday, stayed in San Francisco the entire three months, which I guess isn't as torturous being stuck in Des Moines, Iowa but still... It's not that I mind staying in San Francisco, it's just really difficult when you're a poor starving student who's balancing two internships, paying through your nose to maintain your wee lil' Beetle who's an temperamental as I am and having to fork out practically an entire fortune to move (Budget truck, new desk, floor lamps, full-length mirror - woo hooooo!). I guess at the end of the day, it's worth it -- having your own place to come home to after a long day and knowing that if there's a speck of dust or spot of oil on the stove, I'm responsible for it. One thing that I've discovered moving into my own place is that I'm obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning -- arm me with a pair of gloves, lemon cleaning spray and kitchen towels and I have no qualms about getting down on my knees and scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floor. Things don't have to be squeeky, shiny clean but I think one of the reasons I felt so frustrated at my old place was that everytime I cleaned, other people would mess it up. Sigh.

School starts in a week, soooo totally not looking forward to it. Ugh. All my classes start at 9am and if I'm not in class, I'm at work. Soooo that this is gonna be my last semester, totally sick and tired of studying, have had ENOUGH of it and I'm ready to just start working. Someone needs to start paying me some gooooood money for what I'm doing.

It doesn't help that my summer ends with sending my beebsie off at the airport and nothing sucks more than driving back home alone at 7am in the morning, having only slept for more than an hour the night before. It's crazy, but we've seen other off at the airport so many times that logically, by now, we should be used to it. But nope, no way...the best thing about sending him off at the airport this time is that I'm gonna see him in 4 months time and he's moving back to San Francisco! Yippee....

Better get to bed now, the "I'm not feeling too well" excuse will only work that many times. :)



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