Thursday, August 11, 2005

Of feng shui and bad chi

So it's been almost a week since I've moved, left my old place and started my crazy moving into my new studio adventure on August 6. And damn, let me tell you that even though I've been slacking off by not going to the gym for the past 2 months, the workout I got from moving seriously made up for it. Rented a huge 10-foot truck from Budget, didn't get to drive it :( Zhuang drove it most of the time and I was sooo tired by the end of the day that I didn't even feel like taking the truck for a spin around the block like I planned.

As I was saying, left my old place - tiny ass room in a house that's just brewing with bad chi everywhere. There were two nice people but way too much politics with the rest. And to those who know my woes personally, you know who I'm talking about. Too much paranoia and too much negativity to deal with, so I had to cleanse myself of that and move out. Where did I choose to move to? Here's the ridiculous part - I moved to a studio unit (all the space, all to myself! Yippee!) but the only problem with it is that there's a medical research center across the street from where I live and a chinese cemetery two streets away. It's a nice apartment community, with a pool, fitness center and jacuzzi - so I'm kinda trading it off I guess. And my lil' Beetle (who gave me some trouble during the move, ugh) gets its own underground parking space. So in feng shui terms, my studio location is chock full of yang energy (me thinks, or was it yin?) and that's bad coz you want balance. I got a little freaked out coz of the cemetery (totally totally freaky even though I can't see it from my unit) so I went nuts over Lillian Too's feng shui books at Borders for 3 days before my move, but alas, at the end of the day, my mantra with decorating a place is that it has to fit my style and feel comfy -- and trust me, three legged frogs, bagua mirrors and $5 chinese paintings of mountain tops and flowing waterfalls from Chinatown aren't exactly my style.

I have yet to finish unpacking even though it's been 5 days and I seriously have waaay too much stuff for one person. How much stuff did I have? I moved out of a tiny one bedroom with barely any floor spcae and my boxes, bed, table and cabinet filled a 10-foot truck that's meant for 1-2 bedrooms.

I have no photos of my apartment to show yet - but I will post some once I finish unpacking. I haven't slept in for the past 2 weeks and have been getting up before 9am everyday so I seriously need to reenergize. My body is falling apart from the move -- doesn't help that I'm juggling two internships and car problems at the same time. I'm kinda proud of myself though, hehe...coz I mananged to get a really good deal for digital cable for my TV, which means HBO! thing I've learnt in this land of US of A, just be pissed, demand for a refund and service providers (cable, internet, phone, etc.) are going to cower in fear and bend over backwards for you.

Can't wait to go home, hang my posters up -- my larger than life-size B/W of Johnny Depp poster is getting lonely the box -- snuggle up in my olive green sheets. Mmm...



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