Sunday, March 05, 2006

24th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival - Audrey's Must-See List

In the long-awaited and stunning conclusion to her Elemental Trilogy (FIRE and EARTH precede it), Deepa Mehta explores religion and the resilient power of the human spirit through the eyes of an eight-year-old girl, who changes the world around her by charting her own destiny. Centerpiece Presentation

The director of TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER returns with this fabulously bizarre combination of CHUNGKING EXPRESS and UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG. A collection of tall tales, curios and love affairs, set in a Bangkok where everyone sings and grows tails.SFIAAFF

Catchy melodies, thoughtfully funny lyrics, and appealing teenage protagonists bring South SF's cemetery town to life in this highly original musical about� Colma! Three best friends sing, dance and dream their way through a city where the dead outnumber the living.

Cheuk Kwan's globetrotting survey of family Chinese restaurants is a tribute to the resilience and adaptability of the Chinese diaspora; this latest installment demonstrates how Chinese immigrants have thrived within the complex mestizaje of life in Peru, Brazil and Argentina.

Set in the rugged expanse of China's Tibetan Plateau, KEKEXILI is a spectacular western of survival and morality, based on true events surrounding a mountain patrol's harrowing pursuit of a and of merciless poachers. Special Jury Prize, Tokyo Film Festival.

This sequel to 1980's groundbreaking Latin-Asian epic GAIJIN continues the multi-generational story of a Japanese immigrant family in Brazil, and the spirit and endurance of its women as they live and love amidst world wars, economic unrest, and the politics of empire.

A detective (James Shigeta) finds himself in a love triangle with his white partner and a woman embroiled in their murder investigation. An L.A.-set noir ahead of its time, both for its exploration of racism and its romance between an Asian man and a Caucasian woman. Followed by an on-stage conversation between Shigeta and filmmaker Arthur Dong.

A young Tibetan American journeys to Dharamsala, center of the Tibetan exile community, and discovers C.I.A. agents, dub reggae and more. "The first film to capture the majesty of Tibetan Buddhist culture and the complexity of its ties to the outside world."--Toronto IFF



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