Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ed Westwick in GQ: Drool!

This is completely gratuitous but I'm hooked on Gossip Girl. It's the closest thing to a replacement since Sex and the City ended its run. Besides the fabulous fashion on Gossip Girl, another drool-worthy reason to watch Gossip Girl is Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass, playboy millionaire.

We all have our favorite TV "bad boy" - from Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street, Luke Perry in Beverly Hills 90210, Joshua Jackson in Dawson's Creek and now, CHUCK BASS! Woohoo. Ed Westwick is smokin' sizzling hot. To top it off, he sings (he's the frontman for indie rock band The Filthy Youth) and he has a British accent! Swoon.

Ed was recently featured in GQ Magazine, July issue - besides the two top shots here, go buy your very own copy of GQ (it's worth it!) or head over to JustJared for a small selection. Snaps to my ever efficient Alex who emailed me scanned copies of heaven, ahem, Ed's fall fashion spread in GQ.

Ed is officially replacing Jude Law on my very short to-do list. Hahaha. Bye Jude, cheating, a receding hairline and a mustache in Sherlock Holmes will get you nowhere.

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Blogger lolotte said...

ed is so hot,and i'm a fan of josh jackson since dawson's creek !
Do you have the scans for ed westwick shoot ? i have a fansite on ed and i search them,it will be nice if you can help me

thank you

2:00 AM  
Blogger audreytang said...

Hi Lolotte - JustJared has posted a few of the photos online, you can check it out there. The link's on my original post.

What's the URL of your fan site? A friend of mine actually scanned the shots just to show us, so I don't want to get him in trouble with with copyright infringement with GQ, hope you understand!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous lolotte said...

thank you for your answer.It's a french site on Ed Westwick :

the pictures from just jared,i have them,but i don't found the scans from GQ shoot

yes i understand for the copyright but you know i don't think your friend could be trouble with GQ,a lot of people scans many magazines and put a copyright,i wanted just wondering if you can help me

10:50 AM  
Blogger audreytang said...

Hi Lolotte - send me your email address and I'll share the photos with you. My email is audreytmv@gmail.com

8:41 PM  
Anonymous lolotte said...

thank you,you are nice,i'll send to you a mail

12:07 AM  

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