Friday, June 26, 2009

New Trailer: Amelia

Mira Nair is back! Mira Nair is an amazing director, one of the few filmmakers who has the ability to show complicated and controversial issues through simple yet beautiful storytelling on film.

I've heard about Amelia some time back but I completely forgot about it until now! A biopic about female pilot and pioneer Amelia Earheart, it stars Hillary Swank, Ewan McGregor (yay!) and Richard Gere. Scheduled for a October 2009 opening in the US, I'm hoping that this is "big budget" enough to come to our shores.

As a kid, I remember getting goosebumps reading about Amelia Earheart. Something about her disappearance during her flight around the world just didn't seem right. I loved Monsoon Wedding and Vanity Fair, and I have feeling it's because both films had strong female lead characters, and I'm hoping Amelia will be in the same spirit. I'm hoping the movie will be much better than the trailer, which felt like a run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare. And, there's not enough Ewan in the trailer! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Slightly unrelated, but apparently Mira Nair's has a short in New York, I Love You, the big apple's version of Paris, Je t'aime.



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