Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Trailer: The Box

Going by the trailer, The Box by Richard Kelly looks promising. I had high hopes on Kelly after Donnie Darko, but Southland Tales was soooo miserably bad. It was one of those movies which you can't wait to end, but you can't stop midway because you feel that you've already been cheated of an hour of your life, so why not stay till the end. So I'm hoping that The Box will deliver.

The Box gives me a Twilight Zone vibe, with James Marsden and Cameron Diaz as a young couple who's trying to make ends meet. One day, they receive a box with a button. An offer is made to them - if you push the button, someone that they don't know, somewhere around in the world will die, and in return, they get a million dollars. The movie sees the couple in a moral dilemma, and strange things start to fall in place.

I would push the button - would you?



Blogger Mr. Shane Pereira said...

yeah i'd push the button. but knowing my bad karma and how the world works, this button probably blows up people who've pushed the button before. And thus, someone else will get the button after I've pushed it and I'll be dead on the day that they're supposed to pay me 1 million. So the million just keeps rolling. Seriously.

3:33 PM  

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