Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hey big spender!

So here I was, on a productive Saturday, where I swore to myself that I would not shop anymore, since I spent $76 in one store in an hour and the half. But I was out of aromatherapy oils, so I figured, I'll hop into my lil' Beetle and drive to the mall, grab two bottles of oils, one at $7 and another at $15 -- that was ALL I was going to buy.

By the way, I hate how the shops are arranged in the malls. Why can't they hide your favorite store in the corner most corner of the mall? has to be smack dab near the entrance, so what else could I do but surrender to my weak will and went in to L'Occcitane to BROWSE. At least that's what I intended to do...walked out of the store 5 minutes later with a shea butter face cream and purifying deodorant, and also $44.96 on my credit card. Damn it.

My oils were in Body Shop and Origins, and I'm kinda glad that Body Shop doesn't have a very aggressive sales promoter. I walked out of there with exactly what I intended to buy. Kudos. *Pats back pats back* Up to Origins I go, walked in, asked the salesperson for my oil, grabbed it and placed it on the counter. Then, this really nice lady (I'm not being sarcastic) asks me if I wanted to try their new product, so I figured, why not? Here she was, happily massaging my hand with a microderma abrasion thingy, don't ask, I think what it does is it gets rid of old skin and closes pores, i.e. the way plastic surgeons do it is charge you a million bucks and rub sandpaper on your face. So anyway, I walked out of the store with samples (always a good, economical way to shop - don't be afraid to ask for samples) and an extra $55 tab on my credit card. Damn it, I have to stop spending!

On a positive note though, if there ever was a competition where each contestant would be given a million dollars and has to spend it in under 30 minutes, I would win hands down. Sigh.