Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love the 90s - my tribute to boybands

And, I love YouTube! What would I ever do to reminisce without YouTube? Sigh...was browsing through some old songs, and thought hey, what's more fun that old songs? Old cheesy videos that I used to swoon over when I was 15!

In no particularly order, click play with caution - road ahead paved with cheesy lyrics, bad haircuts, 90s fashion and boybands - yes, I was completely into boybands in the 90s...but I also loved Suede, Blur, Oasis and Garbage, so I can't be all bad, right? But since this is Part Uno of Audrey's I Love the 90s, this is my homage to boybands I used to go nuts over!

Key To My Life by Boyzone - one word, STEPHEN!! *swoon swoon* Why are all the good ones gay?

Eternal Love by PJ and Duncan - now known as Ant & Dec - "I'll give you my loooove, an eternal loooove..."

Love Me For A Reason by Boyzone - 5 bucks to the person who knows how the steps of the choreographed hand moves that the boys do when they perform the live version of this song.

I'll Never Break Your Heart by Backstreet Boys - no 90s boyband tribute is complete without BSB, and this is the RIGHT version of the video, not the lame futuristic version that was shown in the US. *Insert deep Kevin voice* "Baby, I know you're hurting..."

This Is Our Song by Code Red - I really really really like this song, can't tell the boys apart from each other, nor can I recognize them (hmm - maybe that's why they tanked), but I love this song. Can't blame a girl for going ga-ga - I mean, who doesn't want their own song? Code Red also did a really good cover of Babe.

Weird by Hanson - a lot of people discount Hanson after their sugary first single Mmmbop, but the boys are very talented, too bad they were never given the chance. Besides "Yearbook," "Weird" is another one of those really good songs from Hanson that people don't really know about. Video's directed by Gus Van Sant - very very cool. And Taylor used to be so cute :)


Friday, March 21, 2008

Sex and the City trailer!

Woo - hot off the oven, the new Sex and the City (SATC) trailer is out! And erm, not sure if it'll be a happy ending, but seems like Big - aka John James Preston - gets cold feet on Carrie's big day!

Yay, more great outfits and snappy one-liners! Too bad Jennifer Hudson's in the movie - that woman CANNOT act. Check out the trailer here: Sex and The City trailer

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