Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Wonderful World of the Strangest Things I Find In My House

I'm amazed at the things that I find in my house, and granted, this is probably what happens when you stay with 5 other people but jeez, these are EVERYDAY things but the state that they were in when I found them...damn, disgusting! By the way, NONE of them belong me. Go figure.

February 20, 2005
How many people actually use the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator? You know, the little drawer tucked away at the bottom? Well, here I was, attempting to clean the drawer out, and what am I to find stuffed right at the back but a bag of juice. Red juice to be exact. What's a bag of red juice doing in a vegetable bag? I think in its past life, the bag of liquid used to be a solid, a bag of solid tomatoes that is. Fresh tomatoes that were forgotten, and ended up as tomato juice. Who needs a juicer when all you need is to stuff fresh vegetable at the back of the vegetable drawer and forget about it?

February 16, 2005
I was looking around the kitchen shelf for vege that I could use in soup, and hiding underneath a paper bag was comb of bananas! Eeek! You may ask, what's so disgusting about bananas? Well, imagine the blackest banana you've ever seen in your entire life, so black that there's not tinge of yellow on it left. The only feature that identified the "item" as a comb of bananas was the shape of the was-fresh fruit. Not only was it black, but when I lifted it up to toss it in the trash can, it was furry!!! EEEEEWWWW! The side that was sitting on the shelf was flat as hell and had white furry mold growing on it. Ugh. So why didn't it smell? Well, here's my reasoning - the old banana was so old that it became dried fruit, yup, all dehydrated and moldy. Sigh..

February 6, 2005
I opened the fridge today, moving things around hoping to make space for my groceries and lo and behold, I see a small, shiny, gold retangular box - now what's a girl to do when she sees a shiny lil' box? Hahaha, I took it out and it was a Godiva Chocolate box, now...yummy, right? Chocolates! But as soon as I lifted the lid of the box, I immediately closed it back and threw it back in the fridge shelf. Why? Let's just say, there weren't chocolates in why would there be chocolates in a chocolate box kept in the fridge? I'm shuddering as I describe what I found in the box - an apple core COATED with white fur. Uh huh, WHITE FUR. The freaking fur was so thick I thought it was a peach. Ewwwww......and there was a piece of used tissue next to the apple core. Why put trash in a box and then keep in the fridge? I don't know, and neither do my housemates (the ones that matter that is). So there you have it, the unsolved mystery of the box of the furry apple core. Again, eeeeeewwwwwwww!


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My lil' slice of heaven

Pods Unite!
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Yup, they're ALL mine -- everything that you see in the photo. Aren't I the luckiest girl on Earth? Sigh...this is my lil' slice of heaven, something I like to call my Pod Commune. started with the iBook (thanks Mum & Dad!), the iSight (the video quality is amazing), my 20GB iPod that I've wanted for years and the most recent addition to the family, courtesy of my one and only munckins Zhuang -- white JBL Creature speakers!!! Love the lil' fellas, you won't believe the audio quality that comes out of the two dwarf speakers -- what they lack in size (who needs huge speakers anyway, yuck) they make up in bass! There's so much sleekness and beauty in this photo....I can't believe they're all mine! Now all I need is a black VW Beetle - PODS UNITE!