Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ewww, mushy peas

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Reading Jian's post just reminded me of this really disgusting thing that I didn't eat when I was London. MUSHY PEAS. Yeah, you read right, mushy peas. I was ordering shepherd's pie and the lady asked me what sides I wanted with my pie, so obviously, I asked, "Well, what do you have?" And she recites a long list of different ways of cooking potatoes and mushy peas. I was like, "What? Did you just say mushy peas? What's that?" And she points to this huge container of green gook - mashed up, battered peas floating in its own sauce. What's more disgusting than frozen green peas? Mushy peas. Gross. Just when I thought the British were weird with their spotted dicks and vinegar chip dip. I think they should have that on Fear Factor. Heh.


Don't sit on me, lady!

So I discovered that I have issues with personal space. I was waiting at the train station today and it gets pretty crowded, it being rush hour and all...but man, some people need to learn the concept of personal space. Don't get me wrong, I'm cool with sitting next to a stranger in a cinema, but this girl literally sat soooo close to me at the train station that it was just creepy. She plopped down right beside me and I could feel her ass on the side of my thighs....damn...the weirdest thing is, it was totally normal for her. She continued sitting there and talking to her friend next to her while I looked very uncomfortable. Crazy woman...I moved of course. Personal space, people!