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The sheer stupidity of DBS Bank

This is what you call bad communication:
Your account(s) does/do not have eStatement service or you may have enrolled for the eStatement service.

So which is it? 

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Sunday brunch at Jolly Frog, Singapore

Don't be fooled by its quaint location or the seemingly decent menu, Jolly Frog will not last. Food was sub-par and the servers were completely dim, clueless and inconsiderate (for the record: The management is always at fault for bad staff, not the staff). My first and last time at Jolly Frog for sure.

Was there for brunch on Sunday around 1:30pm and there was only 1 other table with customers, so I wouldn't call it busy by any means. Server handed us the Breakfast Menu (which was pretty bare) so I asked if they had a Lunch Menu. The response? I paraphrase because the server was mumbling the entire time: The kitchen is not ready for lunch and on Sunday, we only serve lunch at 3pm. Seriously? Lunch at 3pm is super late, even for me!

So stuck with the Breakfast Menu, we ordered: 2 flat whites, Eggs Florentine (which was strangely served with bacon), Roasted Portobello Mushroom with Goat Cheese & Wild Rocket, Cinnamon French Toast with Fair Trade Bananas & Organic Yogurt. We added a side order of bacon later, which was met by confused looks by the server. First dish served was French Toast with Bacon & Maple Syrup and if you're going, "what?" -- that's what I thought too. First off, why serve sweets before the savory? Secondly, they got our order wrong. The best part was, the couple at the next table had ordered the Cinnamon French Toast just like us, and their french toast was served with melon coated with yogurt. When they asked their server what happened to the bananas, the server informed them that the kitchen was out of bananas so they served them melons instead. It's like, hello, why assume that it was okay to replace the bananas with melons without asking the customer? So when we informed our server that they got our order wrong, there was no apology - all he said was he will check on what order was placed into the system - WTF. I specified to the dim server that if they don't have bananas, let me know as I might want to change my order. The server's response, "Oh, you can have it without bananas." So I'm like fine, then if there are no bananas, I'll have it without bananas, but can you please check with your kitchen and let me know.

Coffee was decent, not worth another cup. They served us our mains - Eggs Florentine and Roasted Portobello Mushroom with Goat Cheese & Wild Rocket, which was sub-par. Had to ask twice for ketchup and the bacon was burnt. All throughout the meal, no one came back to update us on whether they had bananas for our Cinnamon French Toast. We found out only when toast arrive, sans banana, sans cinnamon, sans taste. Attempted to save it with a drizzle of raw sugar, but no go. I could make better cinnamon toast with my eyes closed.

I think the servers secretly wanted to annoy us because they came by our table at least 6 separate times to clear our dishes. Again, seriously? Dude, I'm trying to have a conversation here and you constantly coming by to remove a sauce plate, a glsss and a plate is not my idea of relaxing. The best part was, as they were clearing plates, not a single time did they ask if we were done. The server even removed our half-eaten Cinnamon Toast -- guess they're used to people not finishing their sucky food. When the bill came, we were not surprised that they charged us the full price for the Cinnamon French Toast, even though they didn't have bananas. It's not about the cost, it's about the restaurant's complete disregard for customer service. After we informed the cashier and explanation ensued, they removed $1 off the menu. Whoopdeedoo. Couldn't wait to leave the place, and to never return.

If you have to try it to believe it (even though I can't see why you would want to endure the torture):

Jolly Frog
81 Neil Road Singapore 088905
Phone: +65 6222 9227

Opening Hours
Sun–Thu: 9am – 11pm
Fri–Sat: 9am – 1am

[Image from Jolly Frog web site]


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Mad Men as Mr Men

Cutest thing ever. Bet you "Mr Draper Loses His Trousers" will fly off the shelves!

Read the full story at The Poke:

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