Sunday, June 24, 2012

G.O.D. finally in Singapore... in July!

Taken at Orchard Central

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Best Red Velvet Cake Ever at Magnolia Bakery, NYC


All that hype... is true. At least about Magnolia's Red Velvet Cake and their Banana Pudding. If the name sounds familiar, it's because the bakery was in Sex & The City, and where Carrie tells Miranda about her new crush. And for all you SATC fans (coz I proudly one too!):

"Big wasn't a crush, he was a crash. His name is Aidan, and I believe him to be very cute."

Interestingly, if you google Magnolia, chances are, you'll read about the polarizing reviews about their cupcakes. But you'll also read about people raving about Magnolia's Banana Pudding -- which is a must-try for sure. They don't display the banana pudding anywhere so you have to go up to the counter and ask for it, comes in small and large and even if you're sharing, get the small. This is America, people. The counter staff will then hand you a Haagen-Dazs sized pint and you just pay up. It's a lovely tub of airy, whispy banana pudding which you know was made with lots of love. But... back to the leading lady: Magnolia's Red Velvet Cake.

Walking into Magnolia, you want a slice of everything and wish you had room for it. But if you have to choose, I would definitely recommend a slice of Red Velvet Cake. It is truly, a slice of heaven. That is, if heaven was a three-layered, airy, spongy yet rich red velvet cake covered in the best icing ever -- here's the kicker, it's not cream cheese. It's Magnolia's special whipped vanilla icing! Need more proof? This slice disappeared in under a minute between two girls. It was so good, we stood in the store comtemplating whether the entire cake could stand the 20-hour flight back to Singapore, while of course, savoring off the last bits of the red velvet crumbs from our forks. 

Magnolia Bakery, Rockefeller Center, 1240 Avenue of the Americas, New York City. We went to this store, but I think there are four other locations in New York and a store in LA, Chicago and surprise - a store in Bloomingdales in Dubai.



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Saturday, June 02, 2012

The old, the new.

Taken at Amoy St