Thursday, August 28, 2008

Andy gets a Woody

From SlashFilm - A series of fun ads (?) from Volkswagen themed “See Film Differently” where a bunch of nerdy, British sounding behind-the-scenes folks intepret classic movies like never movie. Pretty funny stuff. The only one I liked though, was Toy Story.

See the rest of the videos (LOTR, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Mary Poppins) here:

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The Time Traveler's Wife

Looking forward to this - yes, yes, it's another movie based on a book by the same name (author and I also share the same first name - hehe) - definitely shows how lazy I've become, but hey, when you've been disappointed by as many books as I have, sometimes a movie becomes an easy 2-hour preview to a possibly good book.

So yea, looking forward to Time Traveler's Wife with Rachel McAdams. Sucks that Eric Bana is it in too. Can't stand Bana, he's basically an older version of Orlando Bloom, talentless and barely good looking. The only person who I can think is less attractive than both of them is Ben Affleck. Rachel McAdams is good - she's like a more commercial Natalie Portman.

Anyhoo - the story's pretty unique, about a man who has a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel involuntarily, just like epilepsy. Interesting concept - I've always loved time travelling movies, only problem I have is when they repeat the same scene over and over again. Drives me nuts. Hope it doesn't happen in this movie. The director hasn't done anything exciting though, the only movie I recognize from his work is Flightplan (with Jodie Foster) and that wasn't very exciting at all. Hate movies that's shot only in one venue (think Phone Booth, Panic Room).

Tempted to borrow the book and start reading it. Apparently the movie is scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2008, in the US that is. The rest of us folks living in the third world will likely have to wait forever after that, if it even comes to our shores! Photos from the film!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hill & Knowlton Media Party 2008: Moroccan Mystique

Photos from Hill & Knowlton Media Party, as promised! Yup, yours truly and an amazing group of H&K-ers from the H&K Singapore office organized our company's annual media party on July 31. Theme was Moroccan Mystique, so we went all out to create a night to remember.
For specific reasons, I'm not revealing the venue of the party simply because person in charge of the venue was a pain in the ass to work with. So no additional publicity for them.

The entire place was decked out by Shad & Ky - from the luscious gazebo to the Persian rugs!

Moi in costume - it's a belly dancer's outfit complete with trinkets! You could basically hear me before you saw me that night. Wanted a yellow outfit but they only had black. Oh well. Outfit & accessories rented for S$40 from Talent House Studio - much better selection than the No. 1 Costume Store in Aliwal St.

The best looking people in the house - hahaha - urm, I meant to say, the H&K Media Party Organizing Committee. The people in charge of bringing the night to life!
From L-R: Tess, Yvonne, Alex, Farah, Audrey, Liz, Cheryl

Belly dancers sheikh-ing the night away!

And fire blowers to heat up the night! There was a henna tattooist as well - photo on the way!

And of course, any reason to get people drunk - beer sculling competition!

Yummy Moroccan cuisine from Zac Cafe, washed down with Mumm champagne, Heineken beer and good company!

T'was was the night! Phew - would put up more photos but that would be having to sieve through hundreds of photos taken by our colleague photographers Calvin and Shahlan!

We were even in the news! Woohoo - check out more photos here:


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One word - gross

I used to like Jake Gyllenhaal coz I thought he was intellectually cute. I'm seriously questioning myself after seeing this photo of Jake on the set of Prince of Persia, his new film. Errm...GROSS! I said gross like 4 times!


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Overheard: 8.60 what!

Overheard at Bedok bus stop.

Best enjoyed in typical loud Singlish accent.. “Where's the bus? Supposed to be every 20 minutes what. 8 o'clock, 8.20, 8.40, 8.60 what!“



Saturday, August 02, 2008

Aren't libraries supposed to be free?

In the words of Chow Yuen-Fatt in Pirates, "Welcome to Singapore." This is f-king ridiculous. You would think that PUBLIC libraries are meant to be free, right? Well - it is, if you're Singaporean or a permanent resident. If you're an international student or a foreigner working in Singapore - it's not!! It costs $42.80 per year + $10.50 registration fee just to borrow books!

Strangely, there's this clause that says that the library will charge an additional $10.50 if the membership expires for 6 months (see clause below). Huh? So does this mean that if I renew my annual membership within 6 months, I don't have to pay the additional $10.50? I'm assuming that they enforce the $10.50 charge in case us foreigners skip out of the country with their precious books.'s the kicker: If I left Singapore with the books, how in the world are they planning to levy the $10.50 on me? Hmm.

The registration fee of $10.50 will again be charged when a membership has expired for more than 6 months or when a member changes his status to PR before the expiration of his foreign membership. All fees paid are non-refundable.

I just did a quick check on finances and I'm soooo freakin poor. So here's the question - do I fork out $53.30 to borrow books or should I continue to buy books that I want to read when I see them? Hmm. And the library is literally one block from my workplace - I guess I can try. And Zhuang and I can always share the membership under my name :)

So to the library I will go...even though I still believe that the right to education and literature should be free, regardless of nationality.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Work life balance my ass

My first post in months! Phew. have I really been that busy? Really makes me miss college life. It's strange how I found time to blog when I was still at State, considering that I was going to classes full time, working 2 jobs part time and completing an internship at the same time! So have I really traded up moving back to Singapore and officially joining the damn workforce at H&K? Clearly, it's a big fat NO.

Work's taking up so much time. Was completely swamped in June with Sony Ericsson's global announcement during CommunicAsia week and 2 Sony events in July. And of course, just for fun, another mini global announcement for Sony Ericsson's Walkman phone in July. The most hillarious part is, on top of all that client work, there's my company's annual H&K Media Party, and guess who's part of the organizing committee? Moi. Taking a breather this weekend since the Media Party just wrapped on Thur, Jul 31. Photos to come - Moroccan Mystique was the theme and we went all out with fireblowers, belly dancers and yumlicious Moroccan food. And yes, we all dressed up!

Anyway, just a quick wrap up of the past 2 months. Opps, almost forgot that my parents also came to visit! Their first time in Singapore in years! Brought my mum to oogle at Bottega Venetta bags and Ferragamo flats and heels.

Ok, one more stop before City Hall, should post this asap. Yup, my first post from a mobile phone. Let's hope this works. Doing this on a Sony Ericsson P1i btw, so can't wait for the 3G iPhone and Xperia X1! Woo!