Saturday, October 29, 2005

I want this soooo badly!

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Robbie's new album! Robbie's new album! Now if only he'll have a concert in the US, damn it. I have to have his new album (Intensive Care) -- but the only thing stopping me is that it costs $25 here! That's almost RM100! Can you imagine paying that much for a CD? And all just coz it hasn't been released in the US, which sucks ass. I'm gonna try and see if I can get my hands on one of these at Virgin...but RM100 is still so much to pay when I know I can get is for 1/3 of the price in Malaysia. Psst...can someone in Penang please check the price for me?

Update: Weeee! I received a mysterious package in my mailbox today -- ripped it open like it was Christmas morning, and guess what I found? Robbie's Intensive Care album! Woooohooo...and who said Santa doesn't exist? Okay fine, Santa doesn't, but I'll settle for an adorable beebs. Love ya! Hugs hugs.


Coming home now...won't be long now...

If you were singing the title of the post instead of reading it - I adore you, coz you're a true blue Boyzone fan, just like me! Sorry...back to the real reason why I'm writing this. Yes, I am coming home to Penang soon, December 22 to be exact. I can't wait! Yippee! One last hurrah before I start looking for a job, sigh...

Anyway, I'll be back in Penang until January 16, so shoot me an e-mail if you can make time to meet up (you better MAKE time coz I really really miss you guys - you know who you are!). If there's anything you guys want me to get for you, start your list!

Hugs hugs, and see ya SOON!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Are you really who you are or who you think you are?

Was talking to Zhuang the other day and he made me take a really long 70-question personality test, designed by a Dr. David Keirsey, a clinical psychologist. It's called the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and apparently, it's used worldwide to help a lot of people decide what kind career or work environment they would thrive in. Here's a short description of each of 4 temperaments:

The Idealist™ Temperament
    All Idealists (NFs) share the following core characteristics:
  • Idealists are enthusiastic, they trust their intuition, yearn for romance, seek their true self, prize meaningful relationships, and dream of attaining wisdom.

  • Idealists pride themselves on being loving, kindhearted, and authentic.

  • Idealists tend to be giving, trusting, spiritual, and they are focused on personal journeys and human potentials.

  • Idealists make intense mates, nurturing parents, and inspirational leaders.

The Guardian™ Temperament
    All Guardians (SJs) share the following core characteristics:
  • Guardians pride themselves on being dependable, helpful, and hard-working.

  • Guardians make loyal mates, responsible parents, and stabilizing leaders.

  • Guardians tend to be dutiful, cautious, humble, and focused on credentials and traditions.

  • Guardians are concerned citizens who trust authority, join groups, seek security, prize gratitude, and dream of meting out justice.

The Rational™ Temperament
    All Rationals (NTs) share the following core characteristics:
  • Rationals tend to be pragmatic, skeptical, self-contained, and focused on problem-solving and systems analysis.

  • Rationals pride themselves on being ingenious, independent, and strong willed.

  • Rationals make reasonable mates, individualizing parents, and strategic leaders.

  • Rationals are even-tempered, they trust logic, yearn for achievement, seek knowledge, prize technology, and dream of understanding how the world works.

The Artisan™ Temperament
    All Artisans (SPs) share the following core characteristics:
  • Artisans tend to be fun-loving, optimistic, realistic, and focused on the here and now.

  • Artisans pride themselves on being unconventional, bold, and spontaneous.

  • Artisans make playful mates, creative parents, and troubleshooting leaders.

  • Artisans are excitable, trust their impulses, want to make a splash, seek stimulation, prize freedom, and dream of mastering action skills.

So after completing probably the longest personaliy test I've ever taken, and being very annoyed at a handful of irrational answer choices, it turns out that I'm an Idealist. I know I should be proud that only 20% of the population are Idealists and this group of people include Mohandas Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey, Audrey (does the name have something to do with it?) Hepburn, Jane Goodall, Mikhael Gorbachev, Princess Diana (what's her last name?), two of the Bronte sisters, Carl Jung and Plato -- but it's really strange to read that I'm "the very soul of kindness" or that I'm "filled with love and goodwill" and that I "believe in giving of themselves [myself] to help others" -- erm, no. Hahaha...I'm blatantly honest to people and a lot of times, I say things that will totally throw people off, so who knows...strange personality test. Maybe I'm not who I think I am. Go figure.

To take the test, visit the Keirsey Temperament Sorter site.

To read more about each personality, go to the Four Temperaments site.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Goodbye William Hung! Hello Wing

No, unfortunately, the apparent Ricky Martin wannabe is not dead yet - someone needs to take out a contract on him, just on the basis of sheer annoyance. And if you're going "huh?" doesn't he have a record contract already? Not THAT kinda contract, the other one, the one that involves more blood, mmm...

Anyway, back to what I was gonna say -- was watching an old episode of South Park and this time, the boys play talent agents to Wing, the wife of City Wok owner. The boys bring her to LA to be in American Idol (thus the Will Hung parody) but since they have to wait in a line that started 17 days ago (and the boys have to be back in school on Monday), they decided to put Wing in another reality series, Stallone's "The Contender."

Hehe...Wing (who is dressed in a red cheong sam the entire time, complete with poofy perm that most Chinese grandmothers have - mine did) gets the shit beaten out of her as she stands in the wrestling ring crooning the Carpenter's "Sing" (Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out strong). There's more to the episode, but here's the kicker -- Wing is REAL. Yuppers, and, she's based in New Zealand -- Sue, you gotta check this out.

She really sings and she has CDs for sale! The best part about this is that you have to listen to the samples from her web site - it's CLASSIC. Damn it, if only she had her rendition of AC/DC's Highway to Hell as a sample. Check out Wing's web site.


The Lost Cast

The Lost Cast
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You know it's sad when the one thing you look forward to in the week (note week, not weekend) is a tv show, but's a really good tv show -- ABC's "Lost"! I spent last weekend on a Season 1 marathon of Lost and there's a new episode of Season 2 tonight at 9pm! WooOooHoooo! If you haven't see it yet, you're missing a really well written story! Lost has hints of "Lord of the Flies," but with 46 adults and 1 baby who survived a plane crash on an island in the middle of nowhere. Strange numbers, polar bears, hidden pasts, a crazy French woman who speaks of "the others" and a boy who speaks backwards -- what else can you ask for?! Now if only that annoying blonde will die...


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Want proof that 50 Cent is retarded?

Okay, let me start by saying that anyone who agrees to go by the name that's worth two quarters (conversion, about RM2) is seriously retarded. I have everything against rap music -- it's violent, sexist and racist -- need I say more? Just because you can READ 6 sentences under 30 seconds doesn't mean you're talented, it just means you don't enunciate.

Found this article from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about Robbie Williams and how ridiculously childish and retarded Lima Puluh Sen is. Read on:

50 Cent and Robbie Williams clash at Berlin hotel
World Entertainment News Network

October 10 2005

Rapper 50 Cent has reportedly fallen out with British pop star Robbie Williams after they clashed while staying at the same German hotel.

The Candy Shop hitmaker and the former boyband star both checked into the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Berlin this weekend, but trouble brewed when Williams' fans mistook 50 Cent's car for the former and greeted the rapper chanting, "Robbie, Robbie."

The situation escalated when Williams later complained to hotel management, demanding they curb the hip-hop star's late night antics.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "Robbie spent the evening with members of his band in the bar, just drinking tea and mineral water."

"He had rehearsals the next day and always takes them very seriously. He was in need of a good night's sleep."

"(50 Cent's) crew rolled back at 4 a.m., kept the bar open and wanted to play rap music in the lobby.

"After the complaints from Robbie's people, hotel managers had to ask 50's security to take control. The guys looked unimpressed -- some claimed they'd never heard of Robbie."

Copyright © 2005, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Now you tell me, who's side of the story do you believe?

Cheeky, angelic Robbie?VSOr gun-totting, hate-spreading 50?


Monday, October 10, 2005

Down, but not out....not yet

I was looking at my most played songs on my iPod recently -- Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Gary Jules -- sigh, been feeling under the weather since August. Can't put my finger on what it is, but everything seems to annoy me, somehow, I don't think randomly lashing out at spitters and telemarketers is normal behavior. The empty packs of Virgie Slims lying on my balcony ledge and me going through a second pound of coffee in a month are probably not good signs either.

Everything seems to iritate me, and some people are really getting on my nerves. But then again, this isn't the first time I've pondered murder. Better that than suicide, right? Not a fan of needles or knives, nor scars. Counting down to last day of college, 64 more days and I'm done. Friends are probably tired of me going on and on about graduation. It's really sad when the only you're forward to is the end of your college life. Strange, coz everyone's who's done with college seem to want to go back.

There is one flicker of light at the end of this long tunnel (Christ, I sound like a PSA for depression) -- I'm booked to go home to Penang in December -- I say booked, coz I am yet to receive my flight ticket. Apparently, they're mailing it, but I don't really trust a travel agent who's originally from Taiping. I need some serious Malaysian humidity and a ton of lazing around time....